If you haven't figured out, my name is Jason Charnes. I'm a developer in Memphis. I have experience in serveral different areas of software development, but I primarily do web development. I've been doing what I do for a while now and I'm good at what I do, although I'm always learning. Cliche, I know... but true.

Front End Development

I first got my feet wet with code in front end development. I spent many, many hours crunching away at HTML and CSS until I finally understood what I was doing and why. Alongside HTML/CSS I have experience in Javascript and work well with JQuery. I have a keen eye for spacing and love clean, modern design.

Server Side Development

This is my passion. I love making the web become truly interactive. I have experience in PHP and Ruby for server side web development. My prefered frameworks are Laravel and Ruby on Rails, but I'll work with the best fit for the project. I like OOP and have worked in Java and Python.
Coming Soon: App Development

Web Hosting

Hosting can be a real hastle. There's terms, tools, and tricks that I've learned through the years. I now put this to work and offer web hosting for those I do projects for. It's afforable and hastle free for the end user. If this is something you're interested in, shoot me an email.

Jason Charnes

Memphis, Tennessee